“Tsuno Tsuno Dice Tetra Party Box” by Borndea Co., Ltd.

Finding toys and games that can keep children engaged and occupied can sometimes be a difficult task. Marketed to users between the ages of 0 and 100, the “Tsuno Tsuno Dice Tetra Party Box” is a versatile toy that can be enjoyed by the entire family. The set of 35 dice and multi-coloured tetra blocks come in a clear container that is lightweight, compact and easy to transport and store.

When my nieces saw them, they immediately ran up to the box and dumped all of the dice and tetra pieces onto the floor. Each block, which is made of a flexible material, contains “horns” (tsuno in Japanese) and holes so they can be connected, stacked and bent without breaking. My nieces were soon immersed in the toys, with one connecting the blocks to create a dinosaur figure while the other attempted to stack them as high as she could before they fell over. With no fixed rules, this toy forces you to use your imagination and creativity, so it is great for small children and even the elderly as a way to keep their brains active. The blocks even float, so they can be used during bath time. With some toys, boredom may occur, but not with these blocks. And with so many ways to play with them, they are the perfect blend of education and fun.