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Introducing [Tsunotsuno Dice] and [Tsunotsuno Tetra], a series of toys that promote communication among people, whether they are 0 or 100 years old. The entire production process is carried out in Japan.


[Tsunotsuno Dice] and [Tsunotsuno Tetra] were invented by my younger brother, who works as an engineer, in a bid to create round dice. As an early childhood educator with nearly 40 years of hands-on experience, I carried out the development and monitoring of the products through early learning activities. We are proud to present [Tsunotsuno Dice] and [Tsunotsuno Tetra], for which the entire production process is carried out in Japan. I discovered at infant classes that the individual protruding tips were the perfect size for infants, because even babies under 1 year of age learned to grasp each tip and then pick it up between their fingers in no time, which was unexpected.

The number of people who cannot hold pencils and chopsticks correctly has been increasing in recent years. They may not have had many opportunities to practice hand and finger skills that involve picking and twisting movements of the thumb and index fingers. I realized once again that these are essential skills to learn. We also believe that hand and finger skills are indispensable for the elderly because they activate the brain and help them to maintain their health.

Spin them, throw them, pile them up on top of each other, or connect them for endless fun.

Please try [Tsunotsuno Series], a series of toys designed for traditional play that comprises dice, sugoroku and spinning tops. They encourage people to come up with numerous ways of playing with them, and promote communication among them, whether they are 0 or 100 years old.

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